Leyton Jay

Method Statement Wizard For Drone Operations


  • Soarizon (now Scaleflyt) by Thales

My research revealed that commercial drone operators are required by law to perform a written Risk Assessment and keep it on file for 3yrs.

There’s no legal requirement to write a Method Statement, but research showed many industrial clients require one.

Clients and training providers gave us the following feedback about the Method Statements they receive from drone operators:

  • Operators are reluctant to write a Method Statement
  • Often sent last minute
  • Unclear and ‘half-arsed’
  • Hand-written on paper
  • Generally poor considering high cost and risk associated with drones

I took it upon myself to design a Method Statement wizard for our product. It used data from other stages of the planning process to automatically output a structured, useful and legally compliant Method Statement.

My designs were validated by training providers, H&S experts and a wide variety of drone operators. After a couple of iterations we began to receive extremely positive feedback across the board, with System Usability Scores (SUS) always in excess of 80% (industry avg 68%).

Users felt the designs, especially the Method Statement Wizard, were very valuable and would help them work to a more professional standard.