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"UX isn't something you implement; it's an ethos."

About Me

I work for a large, cross-sector, multi-national corporation as a UX Designer with a background in Web Development. I’m passionate about science, space exploration, ecology and the environment. Some say I was once a Metal and Alternative DJ/Events Manager.

I live in Crawley with my lovely girlfriend, Dani, who keeps me well fed and grounded in reality. We live in Crawley, UK, with 3 cacti and a small collection of owls.

UX Vision

User Experience features assumptions, data, experiments, observations, transformations, theories, methods and rules. Sounds like a scientific discipline, right? Right!

I believe UX is a science and just like the laws of physics, good UX can provide beautiful yet simple solutions to complex problems on a vast scale.

My hero, Carl Sagan, once said this about science, which I also believe applies to UX:

“[science] is not perfect. It can be misused. It is only a tool. But it is by far the best tool we have, self-correcting, ongoing, applicable to everything. It has two rules. First: there are no sacred truths; all assumptions must be critically examined; arguments from authority are worthless. Second: whatever is inconsistent with the facts must be discarded or revised. We must understand the Cosmos as it is and not confuse how it is with how we wish it to be.”

My Skills

My background in Web Development and my work in demanding corporate environments has lead me to be UX Generalist, bringing a broad view and multiple perspectives to the table.







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