I'm Leyton Jay.

I'm a User Experience Designer, Sci-fi fan and a British comedy geek.

I live with my girlfriend Dani and her menagerie of owls.

About Leyton Jay.

I'm a UX Designer.

Whenever you're using any kind of computer or electronic device; you are having a user experience. My job is to make that experience better, easier, faster or even fun!

I'm a HUGE sci-fi fan.

As soon as my Dad showed me Star Trek: TNG, I was hooked. Prometheus, the Mass Effect saga and Doctor Who have impressed me lately.

I'm getting into comics & fantasy.

I never liked comics or fantasy as a kid, but nowadays I'm constantly reading about Game of Thrones and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I'm obsessive about British comedy.

Chris Morris permanently affected the way my brain processes news. My opinion of humanity nose-dived after I got into Stewart Lee. I'll never look at pumpkins in the same way, thanks to Richard Herring.

I need coffee.

Its my drug of choice. Nothing too bold, nothing too silky. A skinny cappuccino somewhere between Nero and Starbucks, please.

I love ale.

Anything hoppy and crisp, flowery is good too. I wouldnt clean my drains with Harveys, but I'll drink any Dark Star. I also like any cider that tastes like a farmyard.

My UX Skills.

User Groups & Research.

User research methods and strategies, everything from defining demographics to conducting interviews. May include analysis and reporting.


User Journeys & Persona Development.

Who is using the product? How do they move through it? What's their motivation, what are their goals? What can we do to help them?

40% Complete  


Brainstorming, often with others. Create a new feature or way to use the product. How do we know we've improved it?


Wireframes & Prototyping.

Design new "screens" to test your ideas. Use a paper flipbook or clickable prototypes, show the process on various devices.


Aestethics & Visual Design.

The look'n'feel of the product, including colour schemes and brand identity. Define how the designs/logos are to be used in the future.



Test the changes you've made, have you improved the product? Are the changes stable? How does it make people feel?