Comedy Picks For Edinburgh Fringe 2022 – Phases 1& 2

Here’s my YouTube video detailing my top comedy show picks for the Edinburgh Fringe 2022 (as of April – ticket phases 1 & 2). Two waves of shows have been announced for the Edinburgh Fringe so far this year, thats about one thousand shows, almost 200 of which are comedy or stand up comedy shows. The EdFringe can be overwhelming because there’s so many shows and so many venues, so hopefully this video will help you to pick a few shows to see and help you plan your trip to the world’s largest arts festival.

Comedy Picks for Edinburgh Fringe 2022 | Ticket Phases I & II

I’m visiting Edinburgh for the Fringe between August 18th and August 22nd 2022, the video focuses on comedy shows happening on those days but most of them will be on all month. In the video I list my top comedy and stand up comedy picks for EdFringe 2022 grouped by venue, I’ll release more videos as more shows are announced in May and June. Let me know what you think, if you found it useful or what shows you’re interested in seeing this year.

Featured comedy and stand up comedy performers: Amy Gledhill, The Delightful Sausage, Kiri Pritchard-Mclean, Jordan Brookes, John Robertson: The Dark Room, Elf Lyons, Justin Moorhouse, Chris Turner, Will Duggan, Colin Hoult / Anna Mann, Helen Bauer, Sarah Keyworth, Siblings (Sketch), Sophie Duker, Stewart Lee, The Stand Late Club, Best In Class, Crizards, Bumble Me Tinders, David O’Doherty, Ben Miller’s Stand Up Science, Alastair Barrie and Mad Ron.

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