Evening Star: Brighton’s Best Pub

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I believe it so strongly I even moved in directly opposite…

The Evening Star is Brighton’s Best Pub

Leyton Jay

Situated on the relatively quiet Surrey Street near Brighton station, with a terrace that catches the afternoon sun, The Evening Star is a fantastic village pub in the heart of Brighton. The Evening Star is an independent free house serving 22 lines of the best ale and cider you’ll find in Brighton, and it was the original home of Dark Star Brewery.

Interior photograph of The Evening Star

The Evening Star has a great (if ever changing) food menu, friendly and knowledgeable staff and some… interesting regulars. The Evening Star is situated at 55-56 Surrey Street, close to Brighton Train Station and the famous Brighton North Laines shopping area, so it was often my first port of call upon arriving in Brighton and my last before leaving.

The Evening Star also has a “Toads Table”, for playing the obscure medieval pub game Toad In The Hole (commonly referred to as “toads”). Toads is quite a noisy game that looks like a lot of fun, but it only seems to exist in East Sussex despite their being an ‘international tournament” in Lewes every year. Perhaps The Evening Star should form a Toads Team and enter?

The Evening Star regularly hosts live music, checkout The Evening Star Facebook Page for more information.

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